Top Three-Row Luxury Crossovers/SUV’s of 2016

Elizabeth Baker
September 15, 2016

Want a vehicle that gives you a whole lot of space but also makes sure that you get something really high class? Well then this is the category for you because it’s full of the best three-row luxury crossovers and SUV’s that you’re going to find for this year. After all, there’s going to be plenty to check out and you’re going to love the idea of getting behind the wheel of any of them, even if they are a little out of reach. Each one is definitely a great choice.

Acura MDX

The Acura MDX is the first of our top list and it’s a great one because it definitely looks nice on the outside. This is not an SUV that looks like your typical SUV. Instead, it looks ready for anything. With a moderate price (remember we’re looking at SUV’s here) this vehicle is actually relatively cheap for the luxury you’re going to get. You get front-wheel drive standard, but all-wheel is a great upgrade. Of course, this vehicle is super quick and has great handling. On the inside you might miss a few of the luxury features, but remember you’re actually getting this luxury at a pretty great rate.

Audi Q7The Audi Q7 is another one that we think is great. A little more rounded, this one offers you a lot more of the upgrades you’re probably looking for. The price is definitely higher than the Acura, but it’s still within a moderate range and it gives you a whole lot for your money. There’s the option for an eight-speed automatic transmission as well as the top of the line infotainment system. You get everything you’ve probably been expecting from a luxury vehicle with this one because Audi definitely doesn’t spare any expenses.

Volvo XC90Finally, the Volvo XC90 looks more like your traditional SUV from the outside but on the inside it looks much different. It has space for seven and each one of those passengers is going to have a very comfortable seat of their own. With an all-wheel drive, eight-speed automatic, this vehicle offers everything you’re looking for with a hybrid engine, supercharging and a great design that you’re going to love inside and out. The infotainment package is one of the best around and it’s completely new for Volvo, who’s been working on it for some time. If you’re looking at this vehicle and feeling like you’re in love you just need to look for the right car loan option for you.

There’s a time to go luxury and spend a little extra money to get exactly what you’re looking for. When it comes to these crossovers you just might be in the midst of that time. After all, why not go big once in a while?

Checking Under the Car

Elizabeth Baker
June 13, 2016

under car checkWhen you purchase a car you want to make sure that it’s going to last you a while and the best way to make sure of that before you actually buy the car is to look it all over. Though most people will look inside the car and even outside the car, most won’t think to look in one very obvious place, underneath the car. This is going to tell you a whole lot about the condition that it’s in and whether you should be walking away or taking a second look.


The first thing you want to do is look at the tailpipe. Make sure the car hasn’t been run in a while and then touch the tailpipe. You want to see what type of residue is coming out of the pipe and being left there. You should get some kind of gray dust or dirt that means the car is running the way that it should and this is a good sign. Oil or greasy residue on the pipe means that the oil is actually burning and this could mean problems with the internal mechanisms. You want to make sure that you don’t have that and that there’s also not too much rust on the tailpipe. You don’t want to have to replace anything when you first get the vehicle and if there’s a lot of rust anywhere that means you’re probably going to have to do some replacing.


Next, make sure you’re checking the ground under the vehicle. Find out if this is where the vehicle has been sitting for a while and look for any type of grease spots or oil drips underneath. Basically, if there’s anything dripping off the car and it hasn’t rained or been washed recently that’s not a good sign. Puddles of anything under the car are a sign that there’ something wrong and that you will probably need to put some work or money into the vehicle before you’re going to get very far. That’s definitely not something you’re going to want because it can be extremely expensive.


Basically, you want to give the car a good look through. You want to make sure that there’s nothing obviously wrong with it and that it’s going to last. So make sure that you look through carefully. Make sure you’re also getting a professional to look over the vehicle. If you have a trusted mechanic you want them to look at everything they can. Put the car on a lift if possible and make sure that it’s actually good inside, outside and under. A mechanic that doesn’t work for the dealership has nothing to gain by lying to you about the vehicle, which means you can trust them to get you the information you need.
Make sure you have the loan you need right from the start to get your new vehicle as well. You can find out more about the process and even get started on applying for the loan right here.

Tips to Get the Best 2016 Auto Loan Rates in Canada

Elizabeth Baker
March 29, 2016

Getting an auto loan is easy; getting the right auto loan for you requires preparation. To get the best 2016 auto loan rates in Canada you should:

• Know Your Credit

• Have A Budget

• Know The Vehicle You Want

• Consider All Your Financing Options

If you are not fully prepared to make your vehicle purchase you can expect to pay more.


Know Your Credit

Before looking for your vehicle or applying for you loan, you should know what your credit looks like including your:

• Credit Score

• Total Debt

• Payment History

You might be surprised at what you find. By knowing your credit, you know what you should qualify for.

Have A Budget

savingsNot having a budget is one of the first mistakes many consumers make. When you set a budget you:

• Don’t Get Unexpected Surprised

• Have A Good Idea of What Your Payments Will Be

• Can Avoid Considering Vehicles Not Within Your Budget

When you make your payments on time, you can increase your credit score in as little as six months.

Financing Options

Online financing is often a last resort for many consumers; however, Online financing cars with bad credit is typically on of the best options. When you gain pre-approval online you:

• Control the Negotiation Process

• Stick to Your Budget

• Get the Car You Want

Know the Vehicle You Want

You should know what you want before entering into a dealership. When you are fully prepared you can avoid:

• Unnecessary Upsales

• Extended Time At the Dealership

• Agreeing to Terms You Can’t Afford

Knowing the vehicle you want also entails knowing the factors that can affect the Price of your desired car.

Two Factors That Can Influence The Price Of Your Desired Car

CheckCars and homes have several things in common. Price happens to be one of the main things that they share in common. That is, they both can have price tags at extreme ends. They can be extremely expensive or extremely cheap. For cheap deals, there is an adage that always applies – if and when the deal is too good, think twice. Use the same concept to buy a car.

A cheap deal can easily mean that there is something wrong with the car and the dealer wants to get rid of it as soon as he possibly can. An expensive one can on the other hand can easily mean that you are about to get ripped off. It is therefore up to you to gauge what is before you. Here is how to go about it.

Car model

There are models that are always considered ‘hot cakes’. They sell quickly. They are much more ideal than the not so common or rather little known car models. Do keep in mind though that popular car models always come along with different price tags. Your best bet is to window shop for the best deal. You won’t have a problem with new cars though. Most of them come with the same price tags. All you need to worry about is which car dealership you will buy the can in question from.

Engine Power

Your car is nothing if its engine is faulty. It will obviously not start. Fortunately, all car dealerships always allow their clients to take their desired cars for test drives. Take advantage of that. Request for a test drive just to feel the engine. Then note that any car with a perfect engine will cost you more than a car with what many car experts would call average instead of poor.

These factors are essential and you should definitely consider these so you can make the right call in choosing the best car that fits your lifestyle and budget. You should also be aware of the pitfalls of new car buyers. Consider avoiding the following mistakes before buying a car:

People make mistakes all the time when acquiring assets. This is not a bad thing at all. If anything, it is from the same mistakes that people often learn. It therefore does not come as a surprise that people seem to make mistakes when buying cars more than they do when acquiring other assets like houses. The mistakes are common. One then wonders if it is true that people often learn from their mistakes. That is the bad news. The good news though, is the fact that you do not have to make any mistake when buying your first, second or even third car. Simply avoid the following mistakes.

Trusting exterior and interior aesthetics

They say that looks can be deceiving. The same rule applies to cars. It may look perfect from the inside. It may even start perfectly and impress you during the test drive. But don’t believe it until you have tried it for a long distance. That applies to used cars without warranties. For new cars however, trust that you are getting value for your money. You may after all, be covered by warranty.

Trusting your dealer

Car dealers use catchy words all the time. You may hear stuff like, ‘This is the last one left’ and think that you are about to miss out on an opportunity. While some dealers may actually mean it, most of them only use the words to close sales. They hardly mean what they say. With that in mind, never make rush decisions when buying a car. Then trust your instincts all the time. If you have reason to doubt that there is something amiss, then by all means take a break and consult someone who understands cars and car buying more than you do. This brings about the next point, which is,

Shopping on your own

Always have some company. Sometimes all you need so as to make a good decision is to simply have a second opinion. It could be from a friend or just someone you know whose knowledge on cars is way deeper than yours.

Some upsales dealerships offer can void the manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t fall into these traps, finance with us!